Work Packages

QuantumPrime project starts on February 1st 2021 and is going to end on December 31st 2023. The project is composed by 5 work packages (WP):

  • WP1 Project Management
    1. administrative, financial, and contractual management;
    2. information flow and reporting;
    3. assessment of risks and decision of risk-mitigation measures.
  • WP2 Implementation of a High-bit Rate QRNG
    1. practical protocols to implement a high-bit rate QRNG;
    2. laboratory implementation of high-bit rate QRNG;
    3. implementation of real-time post-processing algorithms and statistical tests to access the quality of random numbers;
    4. security analyses of QRNG.
  • WP3 From a QRNG to a Prime Numbers Generator
    1. design of a protocol to transform the true random bits into a random prime number and its implementation;
    2. implementation of a real-time test battery to guarantee the quality of the random prime numbers generated;
    3. performance and security analysis of the implemented protocols.
  • WP4 Implementation of a Quantum Enabled Prime Number Generator Service
    1. integration of QRNG hardware and post-processing algorithms into a unique platform;
    2. design of a functional server administration interface for network integration;
    3. security assessment of the random prime number service;
    4. use cases and practical demonstration of the quantum-enabled prime number generator.
  • WP5 Dissemination and Exploitation
    1. dissemination of the outcomes of the project;
    2. exploitation of project outcomes.